About Rodney Rainey!

April 7, 2009


Rodney Rainey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte, North Carolina-based RadioMetrix Solutions Corporation, also known as RMXSolutions. Mr. Rainey’s areas of expertise are in the day-to-day operations of a radio station group and understanding of the challenges facing the broadcasting Industry. Since 2005, RMXSolutions, led by Rodney Rainey, has been providing expertise in the areas of sales, programming, engineering, radio station valuation, and financing consulting to clients all across the United States. Beyond sales and valuation, Rodney Rainey and RadioMetrix Solutions Corporation recruit executive broadcasters for senior and executive level radio broadcast positions.

RMXSolutions currently represents more than 25 companies in the radio broadcast industry. To better serve the industry, Rodney Rainey maintains a keen and thorough working knowledge of the commercial radio market, as well as a healthy and appreciative familiarity of religious broadcasting needs. Due to their many successes, Rodney Rainey and RadioMetrix Solutions Corporation have expanded to include 10 affiliated brokers, engineers, and programmers with total sales increasing by more than 200% per annum over the last 3 years.

Rodney Rainey is particularly adept at analyzing individual radio properties and developing sales strategies for them. Owners of these properties benefit from Rodney’s 18 years of experience in broadcast radio, buying, managing, and marketing radio stations in markets of all sizes. Mr. Rainey has worked in a variety of radio markets sizes, including Houston, Texas; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; and Greenville, North Carolina. Rodney Rainey began his career with the Noble Broadcasting Group and has since worked with Clear Channel Radio, Boch Broadcasting Group, and CBS Radio.